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Firearm Rights

A criminal conviction will affect your life in many ways. Any felony conviction will result in losing your right to possess a firearm. Also, a conviction for a crime of Domestic Violence, such as Assault in the Fourth Degree, will disqualify you from possessing guns. If you are a gun owner or believe in gun rights, you can restore your gun rights after a conviction under most circumstances. Powers Law Group can reinstate your right to bear arms so that you can hunt or legally possess. Contact our office to get started now.

When can I Petition to Reinstate my Gun Rights?

The length of time that is required to wait to reinstate your right to bear arms depends on the conviction. It can be between three to five years since the date of conviction. It is also important that there have NO other criminal convictions during the required time period. The Powers Law Group has years of experience of petitioning the courts of Skagit County, Island County, and San Juan County to restore the gun rights of eligible citizens. We can begin the process immediately. It will usually take less than 60 days. Read below to determine if you qualify or contact our office and we will schedule a consult.

What are the Requirements to Reinstate After Being Convicted of a Felony?

You must have FIVE consecutive years free of a criminal conviction since you were convicted, but some felonies will prohibit you from possessing your gun rights forever. These crimes are any sex crime or any Class “A” felony. If your conviction is not for these serious crimes and you have not been convicted of a crime for five years, you should qualify.

What are the Requirements to Restore my Gun Rights After Being Convicted of a DV Crime?

If you were convicted of a crime of Domestic Violence and it was not a felony, you must have THREE consecutive years of crime-free history. This includes crimes such as Assault in the Fourth Degree or Malicious Mischief in the Third Degree if they are tagged as DV.

Many times, the prosecution will dismiss the Domestic Violence finding of a charge, but this may not allow you to buy a gun. The Federal Government will check your background when you try and purchase a firearm and still determine that a conviction is still a crime of domestic violence even if the prosecution did not charge it. If this is your situation, you will still need to Petition the court to restore your gun rights.

How do I get Started?

If you want to start the process to restore your gun rights, contact our office by phone or email. When you contact us, be prepared to give us basic information: your full name, date of birth, the date and county of your criminal conviction.

The cost will depend on your criminal record and county of the convictions. If you live in Skagit County and the conviction is in another Washington court, we can file your petition in Skagit. The law allows a person to restore their right to bear arms in the county in which they reside or the county of conviction. The Powers Law Group has a successful history of restoring the right to bear arms to the people of Skagit County.