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Skagit County Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Powers Law Group, our firm has over 18 years of experience trying cases in Skagit County. Crimes that include Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Reckless Driving, Sex Offenses and all other charges. We represent the people of Mount Vernon, Burlington, Anacortes and Sedro Woolley. If you are charged with DUI, Assault or any other crime and need a defense lawyer, we can help. Our firm also practice in Island County, Oak Harbor, San Juan County and Friday Harbor.

Now, more than ever, it is important that a criminal conviction does not derail your life or career. Since the outbreak of Covid, employers are looking for reasons to lay someone off. A criminal conviction will hamper your ability to find employment. People are being forced to be in close quarters due to the pandemic and this means domestic violence cases are increasing. A DV charge will result in leaving in a person being ordered to immediately leave their residence. Any DV charge will leave long term ramifications on a person’s ability to work, find housing and to own or possess firearms. It is important you find a lawyer who knows the system and can determine the best outcome and fight for you.

Powers Law Group may be able to help after a conviction too. If an old conviction is limiting your employment prospects you can vacate it. If you need to expunge an old criminal charge, we may be able to assist. If a prior conviction forbids you from owning or possessing a firearm we will try and get your rights back. A criminal defense lawyer is not just done you plead, there are issues that may come up.

During this firm's existence, case outcomes include outright dismissals, not guilty verdicts and reductions that saved a person's job, marriage or child custody issues. The cases are litigated with the goals of each client in mind whether it is to save a Commercial Driver's License, retain the right to bear arms and hunt, allow you to keep working their choice of occupation and keep you out of jail. Our firm is a boutique law firm meaning we accept a select number of clients so that each person has contact with the attorney. Unlike other firms, where you may meet your attorney once outside of court and feel like a one in a thousand. Call us if you are charged with any criminal offense and need a criminal defense lawyer in Skagit County.

Driving Under the Influence

If you are charged or accused of Driving Under the Influence in any court in Skagit County or Island County you need to speak to an experienced DUI attorney immediately. A charge of DUI will adversely impact your life. Depending on your profession you could lose your job. If you do nothing your driver's license will be suspended by the Department of Licensing. Without the proper preparation you may diagnosed with a substance abuse problem and spend thousands on treatment. As established Skagit County DUI lawyers, we will prepare you for the process and fight to protect your rights.

Powers Law Group will prepare your case as if it were going to trial. The attorney will sit down with you, discuss your case and review the discovery with you. Your input will be sought throughout the process to protect you from the potentially disastrous consequences of a charge of Driving Under the Influence. Once you know all your options the attorney will assist you in how to best resolve the case. The result of your DUI case can affect you for years due to each offense being the basis to punish you even greater in the future if you are ever charged with it again. Call to speak to our firm now to get working on your case.

Reckless Driving / Negligent Driving / Reckless Endangerment / Felony DUI / Ignition Interlock / DUI Penalties


During a heated argument, things can get out of hand. These situations happen between strangers, friends, family, and even couples and may include slapping, shoving, pushing, or more serious altercations. When the police get involved and deem the actions a crime, you could be facing Assault and/or Domestic Violence charges. You need a criminal defense attorney who is well versed in the Assault cases. At Powers Law Group, we defend clients charged with assault in Skagit County, Island County, Snohomish County and Whatcom County. We also represent people in the municipal courts of Burlington, Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Sedro Woolley, Bellingham, Oak Harbor and Friday Harbor.

People can be charged with assault, even if they were not the aggressor or were defending themselves against an attack from another person. In many cases, charges are filed against the wishes of a loved one and you could be forbidden contact with that person. You must contact an assault defense lawyer on your side, if you have been charged with this or any other similar crime, to protect your freedom.

The consequences of an assault conviction are severe, which is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case. If you are convicted, your freedom, employment, housing, and even child custody agreements can be affected. Don't risk losing your job, freedom, or your child. An experienced defense lawyer from our firm will fight for your rights and help avoid, or minimize, the impact on your life. If you have been charged with assault don't wait to contact a criminal defense attorney. We encourage you to read more about our firm and the legal services we provide for our clients. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case with an assault defense lawyer.

Disorderly Conduct / Self Defense / Assault in the Fourth Degree / Assault in the Third Degree / Assault in Second Degree / Assault in the First Degree

Driving Offenses

In their lifetime a person will spend years of their life in a car. A large portion of the crimes in the State of Washington are for driving offenses. In you are in need of a Reckless Driving criminal defense lawyer call our office. This also applies for charges of Negligent Driving, Hit and Run, Vehicular Assault and Vehicle Homicide. These charges can affect a person's ability to drive, automobile insurances rates and employment. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with these issues and litigating your case to obtain the best outcome possible.

There are two levels of driving offense. Some crimes, such as Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving, Driving While License Suspended and Hit and Run are misdemeanors. This means that such courts as Anacortes Municipal Court, Burlington Municipal Court, Oak Harbor Municipal Court, Mount Vernon Municipal Court and Island County District Court handle these cases. If you have not been in trouble before, a likely outcome is a small fine, possible driving suspension and community service in lieu of jail. Although, if the case is egregious enough, jail could still be ordered.

The next level of driving offense is a felony. Such charges as Vehicular Assault, Hit and Run Attended, Attempting to Elude, Felony DUI and Vehicular Homicide are tried in Skagit County Superior Court. The risk compared to misdemeanor offenses if that prison is a possibility. We appreciate the perils our clients face in these cases and work with our client to resolve the matter in best outcome possible in consideration of the facts.

Reckless Driving / Negligent Driving / Driving While License Suspended / Vehicular Assault / Hit and Run

Domestic Violence

A crime of Domestic Violence in Skagit County is one that carries risk for each person charged. Something as simple as a shove or a slammed door can change your life. Powers Law Group work with each of our clients to limit the stigma that such a charge carries. The penalties of Domestic Violence can include a person losing their job, housing and right to bear arms. Our domestic violence criminal defense lawyers know how to approach each case. A person facing domestic violence charges in Mt. Vernon Municipal Court may be treated different than someone charged in Anacortes Municipal Court. We know how to handle each case to assist our clients in resolving their charges.

An experienced Domestic Violence defense lawyer will know how to protect you from the moment you meet. Our attorneys will meet with each person individually and begin the defense immediately. Most domestic violence charges require a person respond to the prosecutor trying to impose a No Contact Order against the other person. This will break up a family, bar a person from their home, forfeit their ability to have a firearm and terminate employment. Our domestic violence attorneys know how to limit these actions, place their client in the best position and defend them against a conviction.

Assault / Malicious Mischief / Harassment / Stalking / Violation of a No Contact Order

Sex Offenses

A charge that someone committed a sex offense is life changing accusation. A person can lose their children, livelihood and reputation because of the mere taint of a "sex offense." If you are charged or even being accused of a sex offense, such as Rape or Indecent Liberties, you must speak to a sex offense criminal lawyer quickly. These charges are vigorously pursued by the prosecution. In Skagit County, each jurisdiction, be it the police from Mt. Vernon, Sedro Woolley, Burlington Anacortes or the Sherriff's Office, can pursue these cases and you need an experienced sex offense defense lawyer.

Our firm knows how to defend you from these charges. We handle cases involving Rape, Child Molestation, Indecent Liberties, Possession of Depictions and Voyeurism since the firm was founded. A sex offense would mean a significant sentence, loss of employment and registration as a sex offender. We appreciate the consequences each charge carries. Powers Law Group sex offense defense attorneys will do what it takes to protect you from these accusations.

Rape / Indecent Liberties / Child Molestation / Possession of Child Pornography / Indecent Exposure / Sex Offender Registration

Other Crimes

There are thousands of crimes that exist in Washington. Our attorneys represent people in criminal defense cases for Theft, Drug Possession, Criminal Trespass, Forgery, Fraud, Embezzlement, Fish and Wildlife Violation (Hunting / Fishing without a license) and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in Skagit County. Our firm's attorneys practice frequently as Island County Criminal Defense Lawyers for people of any assortment of cases. If you need an experience criminal defense attorney in Skagit County, island County or San Juan County, call our office.

Meet the Attorney

Jason Powers has been an attorney since 2001. During the past 19 years, he has practiced criminal defense. Mr. Powers developed the Powers Law Group to represent a select number of clients. This goal is to provide quality representation with a hands-on approach. Jason Powers graduated from law school in 2001. He worked as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in both King and Lewis Counties. This required him to try many misdemeanor cases: DUI, Assault and Domestic Violence (DV) charges. When a position opened in Skagit County, Jason moved north to the valley. He remembered how much he enjoyed this part of the state and jumped at the opportunity to move there. As a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Skagit County...

Jason Powers and his team are some of the BEST one can ask for. Powers Law Group will fight for you as him and his team are highly respectful and professional. T.T
My experience with Powers Law Group was really good. I was pretty stressed out about my case and after meeting with Jason the 1st time I felt very confident in his abilities to get me throughout my case and he Ensured me that everything will be fine. D.H.
I would highly recommend Powers Law Group to anyone needing an attorney. Not only did they accomplish what I hoped they would, they always answered the phone and fielded any questions I had involving my case throughout it's duration with kind understanding. Thank you for your service Powers Law Group. M.V
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