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Firearm Restoration

With the New Year approaching, have you thought about getting your gun rights back as a resolution? Maybe you had your rights revoked 30 years ago, or maybe you just went through the justice system and want to own a gun again as soon as possible. No matter what your story is, Powers Law Group can help.

Let’s start with who is eligible to reinstate their gun rights under RCW 9.41.040(4) and 9.41.047:

You can restore your rights in Washington State if you…

  • ... have been convicted of a crime in Washington. If your charges were in a different state, you will need to contact an attorney there. If you were convicted in WA but have since moved elsewhere, we can still help so long as you can sign and return documents to our office;
  • ... have not been convicted of a Class A Felony, as these convictions prevent you from ever owning a firearm;
  • ... have not been convicted of any sex offenses. This includes any juvenile offenses.
  • ... have gone 3-5 years without being convicted of any new crimes. The time allotment will depend on if you were convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor;
  • ... do not have any pending criminal charges against you in any state.
How Long Does It Take to Restore my Rights?

The restoration process is comprised of two parts—administrative and a waiting period. Depending on the jurisdiction, the administrative portion takes anywhere from 1-3 months to process the petition to restore your rights. This includes criminal history research, drafting the paperwork, and the review of that paperwork by the State. Once the State agrees to restore, the paperwork is sent to a judge for final review.

Once the administrative portion is complete, we recommend our clients wait a minimum of 90 days to purchase a firearm to allow the paperwork to work its way to the proper channels. Since COVID-19 has drastically slowed down administrative processes both at the state level and federal level, it is taking an unprecedented amount of time for the FBI to receive and process court orders.

How Much Will It Cost to Restore my Rights?

Like all criminal matters, every client and their history are different, so prices will vary.

Let Us Help You

If you think you are eligible, or want to find out if you are, contact our office to schedule a consultation and a quote to get started. We pride ourselves in helping our clients make the most of their constitutional rights.